Welcome to Beaming Bricks! 

If you have any questions about orders, shipping, or products please contact me!

Billing & Shipping FAQ

We are proud to offer no minimum buy or avg lot value. 

However, due to the processing time of small orders, orders worth <$10 USD are charged an additional dollar which will be reflected in the shipping fee.

We will bill your email address registered with BrickOwl and we will ship to the address associated with your BrickOwl account. 

"New" and "Used" parts

"New" parts are parts that are directly taken from sealed Lego sets and/or the pick-a-brick wall. They might have small scratches that occur from the parts rubbing against each other in the sealed plastic bags/bins. Otherwise the parts have not been used in any way.

"Used" parts are parts that have been played with or built. These might have scratches, discoloration or dents on the edges that happen with regular usage. Any damages exceeding these are mentioned in the description of the part.


We are proud to offer a wide variety of Lego minifigures for sale. Just like our parts, we sell both used and new minifigures. While all of the minifigures we sell are in like new condition -unless otherwise stated- please note that the minifigures with the used condition may have seen various forms of play and were at one point previously assembled, while minifigs with the new condition have never been assembled and are from sealed sets. Upon the arrival at our store, all minifigures regardless of condition are cataloged, disassembled, and individually bagged. They are then marked with their BrickLink specific title and subsequently given a "-" if they are in used condition. This process aids us in the ability to smoothly pick out your minifigure and ensures that the quality of the figs stays top notch.